Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bloggy XMAS 13: A Tale of Nothing Too Serious

As quick as I was to volounteer for MMO Gypsy's Bloggy XMAS event where we would write something about the gaming and community, I had trouble actually writing something on the topic. I read the other posts that came before me hoping there would come some sort of epiphany. And since the thirteen is already accursed number in the heads of the most, I was not about to let you all down. As I was reminiscing, trying to recall what is even worth to remember in my relatively long history of MMO gaming, I came to conclusion that there is not much on this particular topic. Most that is worth retelling is about Me, Myself, and I. And while I would love to indulge in it, it is not really appropriate considering the occasion. So I was thinking what else is there. You see, I always was, still am, a person that cares only for those close to me. As I see it, far from heart, even further from the mind. And that in the end brought me to the tale I am about to tell you on this Thirteenth day of Blogging Advent Calendar.

It was back in the days when Winters were cold and snowy, Summers warm and sunny. In Autumns leaves abandoned the trees, and in every Spring life would start anew with flowers blooming after a long break. Truly those were wondrous times full of joy and glory. As I hit level 80 a month after everyone else on good old Daggerspine I was in search of a new guild. My old crumbled apart. That was something of a common occurrence back in the days. One day a guild could be the best on the realm, the next day a guild was no more. In any case, I started looking for a new "home". I went through a couple of young budding guilds, a couple of veteran, searching for my place in Azeroth. None really fit. I knew that and I left those nameless guilds without any additional thought.

As I was killing some rampant trolls north of Drak'Tharon Keep like a ronin without a clan I stumbled upon a hunter in a bit of a bind. This hunter had a bit of a trouble with couple of Alliance. Without giving it a second thought I jumped in the fight, and thus ensured our victory in the end. We managed to kill one, while the second one escaped. We did not pursue. After introductions, greeting, and many thanks, I asked if they need some fresh blood in the guild. I recognised the name of the guild, and the hunter didn't seem like a bad person. He asked me why would I want to join, and I told him honestly, I wanted to raid Naxxramas and kill Kel'thuzad. The hunter said sure thing, and invited me. I just happened to stumble upon a guild leader of Nothing Too Serious in the middle of Northrend.

We had couple of good runs, cleared Naxxramas, the advance group started even clearing Ulduar when it first came out. We had a blast. I still remember couple of people from back then, and regret I will probably never hear from them again. But there was nothing we could do as the old guard decided to retire from World of Warcraft, they said they have seen it all, and we could do nothing but to accept their wishes. In any case soon after the guild fell apart. Not because of the problems, but we just drifted apart. Not for long it would seem. Couple of months later we reformed as Hazard.

The old hunter that got me in Nothing Too Serious, was now the leader of Hazard. We had a splendid time raiding everything from Ulduar to Icecrown. Some of the old team was back, and we had a bunch of new people that were all excellent and worth knowing. This time I was determined I would stay in touch, and so were the others.

I would say that Wrath of the Lich King was our expansion, our moment of glory, but the guild was strong for the greater length of Cataclysm until later most of them migrated to another realm. I am a bit set in my ways, and I hate changing realms. It is my sort of "patriotism". I was "born" on Daggerspine, I will "die" on Daggerspine. There might be other realms I play on, but there is only one Daggerspine. As I came back during Pandaria, good old Hazard was still alive. We had some dungeon runs, but we could never return to our old numbers. I could say none of who remained, or should I say fell behind felt any need to do raids with a guild any more. We had all we ever wanted, a group of friends we can rely on, and do content with.

And then, during Siege of Orgrimmar a new feature was introduced. You could invite people from other realms into your raids if you had them on your friend's list. All of a sudden, we have raided again as we did in the good old days. No matter how far away, on distant realms, world or even in different games, we still remember with fondness our good old days. We even branched out, and started playing other games together. If you ever played League of Legends, imagine a Garen terrorising the bottom lane with Soraka on his side. That is us, and we make it work.

We managed to pull off something that most guilds fail. We managed to stay in touch, play together even when World of Warcraft became a thing of the past for some of us. I like to imagine we all understood the fleeting nature of the guilds in an MMO. And while the guild might end, and a new one can take its place, it is the people that count in the end. So long as you remain true to the golden rule, you have nothing to be afraid, and much to look forward to.

And thus ends my tale of community and fellowship. A tale of Nothing Too Serious. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

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